In the original pre-metro plan, under Antwerp, Belgium a second axis was proposed from the south-western suburbs via Opera and Astrid to the eastern district Deurne. A metro tunnel was built under the Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout, as well as some shorter tunnels, as a part of these plans. However, construction stopped in the 1980s due to lack of funds. Although the tunnel itself was largely completed, the stations still had to be decorated and the track still had to be laid. Under the Pegasus plan (approved in 2004) it was decided to finally open this unused premetro tunnel, although, to reduce the costs of the project, it was decided only to open Zegel station. The stations Carnot, Drink, College and Morckhoven were not opened, but fitted to be used as emergency exits. This axis was opened partially in 2015.

A second entrance from Deurne Turnhoutsebaan towards the “Reuzenpijp”-tunnel under Borgerhout was opened in September 2017. Underground station floor plan remains unused.

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