The History of Chateau Lumiere (France)

In 1814, Napoleon nationalised the cultivation and sale of tobacco in France and it was at this time the Burrus family, who were winemakers from Dambach-la-Ville, fled Alsace and settled just on the border at Boncourt. As a farmer, Martin Burrus (1775-1830) first sold rolls of tobacco made by hand and smuggled them across the border. He is expelled from Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines and his villa is transformed into a school of administration for disabled war officers He founded a tobacco business which would grow further under his son François-Joseph Burrus (1805-1879) who succeeded him in 1828 and went on to build …

Chateau de Noisy (Belgium)

Owners have formally applied for demolition of this significant heritage castle This place is one of the most magical and architecturally beautiful castles I’ve seen. I’ve visited it 4 times and each time it never fails to impress with its neo-gothic architecture. The owners own several castles and have now formally applied to have this demolished rather than restore or care for it. We have researched the history and it has significant relevance for the area. I’ve added the links for the gallery of images and also the history. If you have 5 minutes then please take a read and …

Good bye 2013, it was a stunning year

I've been enjoying reading everyones messages, recapping on the year spent but inspiring lots of activity for 2014. For me, 2013 was a roller coaster of a year, highs, lows, good times and tough times but never bad times. Seen so many great locations, so many great people across Europe, new online contacts, increase in contracts and publications etc… 2013 was great. Now, inspiration for 2014… 2013 on steroids! I've learnt a lot about me in 2013,  I leave things until last minute, pretty much remove the ability for future planning etc. Well 2014, thats going to change… 2014 will …

Abandoned University, Belgium

Last used for talks on nuclear energy A vast university campus left abandoned for some time – we spent some hours here but we did not have long enough. Lots of labs for space engineering and jet engine testing, amazing place. We bumped into metal thieves, they were polite and we moved on – so much to see here… The auditoriums were amazing, we spend some time reading materials scattered all over, beautiful place for sure

Internal Schematics

Things found in abandoned locations This former hospital, also known as Hospital of a 1000 Wheelchairs, had a lot of patient information left. Detailed records of patients, personal information and then x-rays… This, for me, is the most intimate details that can be left – actually seeing inside the patients and in some cases, there are clear health problems. After finding the correct exposure, the natural light worked as a lightbox to see this x-ray… I wonder who this person is/was and what they are doing today? #weirdstuff   #urbanexploration   #careinstitutionphotography   #abandoned   #hospital   #xrayinspection   #nikond800 …

Are you getting interested in the new Nikon Df?

16.2MP CMOS full-frame sensorEXPEED 3 processing engineISO 100-12,800 (expandable to ISO 204,800 equivalent)Pentaprism viewfinder, approx. 100% coverage The specs stack up really well. Personally I love the design – is this something special from Nikon or is it another iteration of the same? What do you think? Reshared post from +Wex Photographic We have the black and silver versions of the Nikon Df available to pre-order now! Click here for details: Which do you prefer?

The Matrix

Royal Air Force Telecommunications Not really as advanced however. What you are seeing here is the total secured telephony system and switch gear for a mothballed UK Royal Air Force base, part of the strategic command centre held inside the Station HQ. Its funny when you think of it, one smartphone has the potential to do more than the entire infrastructure in this image. Maybe my new Nexus 5 could run such stuff :- Thanks for looking ::Tags:: #militaryphotos   #militaryexploration   #telephony   #urbanexploration   #photoextractplus  by +Jarek Klimek  #dailyphoto  by +Daily Photo +Google+ Photos by +Brian Matiash 

Sweet Dreams

As the night draws to a close, I thought I would share this image. It was taken in a old millers house in Luxembourg. The house was beautiful with a winding set of stairs, and at the top of them, there was the master bedroom. Still laid out like the owners would be back, pictures of Jesus hung on the walls with a crucifix above the bed. This was a great tranquil place to shoot, light was good outside on account of the 2 feet of snow reflecting everything. This no longer exists, it has been demolished. Now only the …

The History of Mundesley Hospital (Tuberculosis Sanatorium) (UK)

Mundesley sanatorium was built in pre-fabricated sections made of timber, by Boulton and Paul ltd. It was the first large centre in England that had been built specifically for open-air treatment of the disease. However, due to its status as a private hospital, Mundesley could only offer treatment to wealthy patients. Mundesley had a post and telegraph office, and is was terminus of the Great Eastern, and Midland and Great Northern Railways, so that it was easily accessible from London, the Midlands, and the North.

Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR ED Lens – Review

Introduction It was either keep the Nikon 14mm f/2.8, get a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 or get the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR. After chatting to my local camera shop they ordered me in some gear to test in their showroom. This review looks at the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 – most people in the circles cringe if its not a f/2.8 – I did also however it shows you never stop learning, I learnt some things about f/4 with VRII (Nikons vibration reduction function) that has changed the way I think about kit now. One thing is for sure, this lens is …

The History of ECVB Power Plant (CEB, CEFB) (Belgium)

When Société Centrale d’Electricité du Brabant started what is more commonly known as ECVB power plant, it contained 2 2000 kilowatt turbo alternators running at 3000rpm generating 3 phase current at 12,000 volts and 50 cycles. Steam was supplied by three Babcock & Wilcox marine type boilers at 200 pound pressure and 620˚F

The History of Château de Noisy (Château Miranda) (Belgium)

Château de Noisy is a beautiful castle in the open lands of Belgium. The former ‘holiday camp’ is in a heavy state of disrepair and despite several offers, the owners refuse to sell it. It has suffered heavily from vandalism and the details from the interior have been removed to be used in another castle. Château de Noisy is one of the most beautiful locations we have seen.

The History of Bessingham Manor (UK)

Bessingham Manor has an amazing history in this graded area, we will cover the stories later in this article. When repairs went wrong, the decline of this manor house started. Seeing the building now highlights the significance of the damage. Three stories of flooring has collapsed, internal structure has failed and the roof is partly complete. There are significant plans to demolish this structure and build a new manor house, using many of the existing materials and original features. 

The History of RAF Neatishead (UK)

As early as 1886, the discovery and development of Radar was under way  beginning when, German physicist Heinrich Hertz showed that radio waves could be reflected from solid objects.

Over the next eighteen years progress was slow globally until 1904 when German, Christian Huelsmeyer first used radio waves to detect the presence of distant metallic objects. In 1917 Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American physicist outlined the concept for primitive radar units, and in 1922 Americans A. Hoyt Taylor and Leo C. Young, researchers working with the U.S. Navy, discovered that when radio waves were broadcast at 60 MHz it was possible to determine the range and bearing of nearby ships in the Potomac River.

The History of St. Andrews Asylum (Norfolk Lunatic Asylum Annexe) (UK)

St. Andrews Asylum is also known as the Norfolk Lunatic Asylum Annexe. Its a vast complex arrangement of traditional H shaped buildings all linked with a straight trunk corridor. Its rumoured that St. Andrews is only one of two original asylums that has a curved corridor. The main Norfolk County Asylum has been refurbished into luxury housing. Background Since the move of the Norfolk Primary Care Trust, St. Andrews has been for sale for either conversion into offices or flats. The length of time that St. Andrews has been left shows. Inside, there is moderate damage to roofing and flooring, its looks …

Photographic Explorations through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France

Photographic explorations begin with a camera, some warm clothes, great friends…. …and lead to awesome photographic explorations. Where shall I start? Lets go right back. So the UK was swamped with snow and ice, a 3.5 hour drive turned into a 5 hour drive with multiple accidents, roads closed – that was just to get to the airport. I really thought I was going to miss the flight. Finally at Heathrow so lets do this! Flight was not delayed, Starbucks was open so I spent some time chilling out in departures, waiting for the British Airways flight to Schipol, Holland …

A photographic journey through Pripyat and Chernobyl – starting today!

In 2012, Lucy Shires and myself travelled to the Ukraine to take photography of Pripyat and Chernobyl. The history of Chernobyl is significant, it was the worst man made disaster in our history. I’ve researched the history over several years and arranged to visit Pripyat and Chernobyl to learn more from people involved either in or after the incident. I’m going to share the images from my trip to Pripyat/Chernobyl so you can see what it looks like from the inside. We spent some time exploring Chernobyl reactors, the fish labs, cooling towers, schools, kindergartens, police headquarters, fire station head …

Testing Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC with Nikon D800

Testing Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC with Nikon D800 This is a review of testing Sandisk Extreme Pro 16gb 95mb/s UHA-1 SDHC card on the Nikon D800. I’m putting it through its paces and doing some comparative testing against other types of card. Most people ask “why should I pay that for a card when I can get one much cheaper?” or “will my old cards work fine with the Nikon D800” – in this SanDisk Extreme Pro review, we find out… Manufacturer SanDisk Corporation is the global leader in flash memory cards – from research, manufacturing and product design to …