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Featured portfolio of photos taken inside military defence locations

Military and Defence Networks

Weapons, armaments, officers quarters, nuclear weapons testing are just some of the places from around Europe I've been inside - take the journey into some of Europe's military establishments...


Featured location - Maison Heinen (Luxembourg)

Residential Locations

From the beautiful flowing stairs to hand painted rooms. This maison in Luxembourg is a beautiful example of the architecture and attention to detail.


Featured photographic series on hospitals, sanatoriums and asylums

Inside Care Institutions

Once patients go beyond the doors, little is know to what they experienced. Have you ever wondered what the inside of a mental asylum looks like? Have you wondered what are inside the rooms frequented by doctors? This portfolio explores what is beyond the closed doors


Care Institution Exploration

Sanatorium Dans le Foret (France)

Step inside this French sanatorium, abandoned since 1899 yet still beautiful in its architecture


Featured series on chateaus, maisons, manor houses and other residential locations

Inside Residentials

There are places that exist as if time has stood still, imagine the owners leaving and never returning... Explore some of these places through my eyes.

Military and Defence Networks Residential Locations Inside Care Institutions Sanatorium Dans le Foret (France) Inside Residentials