Thinking about changing from a Nikon D3 to D800?

Its really an interesting move what Nikon have done by diversifying their markets. Some will say that this causes too much confusion where others will see that Nikon have actually made choosing a high-end DSLR easier than ever. Let me explain. Pre D800/D4, we had the Nikon D3(s), D700 and D3x. The D700 and D3(s) shared almost all aspects so your only decision is do you want a faster shooting full body DSLR with better battery capacity? If so, D3(s) and if not, get a D700. If you wanted ultra-high res and was not worried about speed or low light …

How to get a Nikon D3 to work like a D3X

So the hypothesis is that if quality/clarity is the only main difference then it could be correctable in post processing. I put both images together and created a set of actions that made the D3 image look the same in terms of hue/saturation, brightness, contrast – the results were as such.