The Matrix

Royal Air Force Telecommunications Not really as advanced however. What you are seeing here is the total secured telephony system and switch gear for a mothballed UK Royal Air Force base, part of the strategic command centre held inside the Station HQ. Its funny when you think of it, one smartphone has the potential to do more than the entire infrastructure in this image. Maybe my new Nexus 5 could run such stuff :- Thanks for looking ::Tags:: #militaryphotos   #militaryexploration   #telephony   #urbanexploration   #photoextractplus  by +Jarek Klimek  #dailyphoto  by +Daily Photo +Google+ Photos by +Brian Matiash 

Sweet Dreams

As the night draws to a close, I thought I would share this image. It was taken in a old millers house in Luxembourg. The house was beautiful with a winding set of stairs, and at the top of them, there was the master bedroom. Still laid out like the owners would be back, pictures of Jesus hung on the walls with a crucifix above the bed. This was a great tranquil place to shoot, light was good outside on account of the 2 feet of snow reflecting everything. This no longer exists, it has been demolished. Now only the …