The History of ECVB Power Plant (CEB, CEFB) (Belgium)

When Société Centrale d’Electricité du Brabant started what is more commonly known as ECVB power plant, it contained 2 2000 kilowatt turbo alternators running at 3000rpm generating 3 phase current at 12,000 volts and 50 cycles. Steam was supplied by three Babcock & Wilcox marine type boilers at 200 pound pressure and 620˚F

Photographic Explorations through Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France

Photographic explorations begin with a camera, some warm clothes, great friends…. …and lead to awesome photographic explorations. Where shall I start? Lets go right back. So the UK was swamped with snow and ice, a 3.5 hour drive turned into a 5 hour drive with multiple accidents, roads closed – that was just to get to the airport. I really thought I was going to miss the flight. Finally at Heathrow so lets do this! Flight was not delayed, Starbucks was open so I spent some time chilling out in departures, waiting for the British Airways flight to Schipol, Holland …