Abandoned University, Belgium

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Abandoned University, Belgium

Last used for talks on nuclear energy

A vast university campus left abandoned for some time – we spent some hours here but we did not have long enough. Lots of labs for space engineering and jet engine testing, amazing place. We bumped into metal thieves, they were polite and we moved on – so much to see here…

The auditoriums were amazing, we spend some time reading materials scattered all over, beautiful place for sure


  1. There was a cafeteria ("La Mason") in the middle of the campus, next to the newly renovated tower. It looked like a bungalow, wondering if still there?

    There was also some impressive test facilities in mechanics. +Bruno Mairlot's father was working there until he retired.
    I just checked and the buildings were used for the very last time in December 2005, merely 8 years, but the migration to the new campus had started earlier in the 1990s.

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