Introduction to HDR Training at WEX Photographic

Introduction to HDR Training pack

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is really popular at the minute however it leaves a lot of people wondering what it is and more importantly, how do you do it. I had a lot of contact from people emailing asking about the digital art techniques I use and as some of them are HDR, it made sense to run a HDR training session on it at WEX Photographic.

This 2 hour Introduction to HDR looked at some of the basic principles of why do we even do HDR, as I’m pretty lazy, that’s always my first question, why – whats the point? This helps articulate the very foundation of what we are trying to do, articulating the problem we are trying to solve if you will. HDR is a tool, a solution to a certain problem. If we cannot articulate the problem then how do we know we have the right solution?

So this course was a beginner, to let people know about HDR to see if it solves their problem, in many instances it did – issues with DSLR sensor capability, shooting out doors when wide contrasting differences etc can certainly be overcome by using HDR.

The training was broken up into the following categories

  • About HDR – Some history
  • Explanation of what contrast ratio is
  • A contrast comparison to articulate the basis of HDR
  • Explanation of Low Dynamic Range vs. High Dynamic Range
  • Some photographic examples
  • Discussion around what EV‘s are and how they play into HDR
  • A practical method of how to work out how many EV‘s are needed to cover a scene
  • Photographic examples of 9 EV‘s
  • Software for HDR
  • Contact Details

I thought it might be useful to share the training material on here so people have access to it…

Click here to download it

Let me know if you have any questions.

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