Dr. Crazy wishes you a Happy Halloween – 2013

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Dr. Crazy wishes you a Happy Halloween – 2013

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing on Halloween night, have a great time and have fun! This image is of me as the crazy doctor, taken inside an abandoned mental asylum in a former surgical ward. It was created and processed for a unique adult scare attraction in the UK…

Digital art is my creative outlet for post processing and love the horror genre, everything is distorted and breaks out of the photographic norms.

Well for halloween in the UK, the kids are going to get an awesome scare tonight. I have surgical gloves full of soft pumpkin insides as decaying hands, pealed grapes as eyeballs, cored apple with rice in as eyeball socket and maggots, pumpkin insides in a bag as a stomach, bacon wrapped in cling film as intestines and an amazing story to go with it.

So enjoy Halloween 2013, have a blast plus share what you are doing tonight or the crazy doctor may just have to pay you a visit :D


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