Chateau de Noisy (Belgium)

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Chateau de Noisy (Belgium)

Owners have formally applied for demolition of this significant heritage castle

This place is one of the most magical and architecturally beautiful castles I’ve seen. I’ve visited it 4 times and each time it never fails to impress with its neo-gothic architecture.

The owners own several castles and have now formally applied to have this demolished rather than restore or care for it. We have researched the history and it has significant relevance for the area.

I’ve added the links for the gallery of images and also the history. If you have 5 minutes then please take a read and if you think it should be preserved then please add your name to the petition (link at the end of the article).

Do not usually put requests out like this however architecture like this is not created anymore.

Historic account

Image Gallery

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  1. I don't blame the owner. You probably read about what happened yesterday. Seems like the stupidity of people knows no bounds. Besides with the state this castle's in it is a liable case waiting to happen… Don't get me wrong. I love the castle both in itself and as one of a kind place to explore!

  2. +Michel Schmitt Agreed however I believe the owner has a responsibility to ensure that the heritage to Namur and its people of its historical and architectural significance.

    The Municipal of Celles even offered to take ownership and there are many buyers who could provide the investment needed. Just yesterday I had contact with an investor and architect who has shown significant interest yet got turned down by the owners.

    What happened yesterday?

  3. +Vincent Velema – thanks for that, I got the DB error also. I'm not arranging the formal petition however I will certainly contact the site owner and let them know. Hope all is well in NL 🙂

    Check your emails though, I got the agreement email despite the error.

  4. As I understand it there were like 30 people there. Police got involved. The lot. I understand what you are saying but I am not familiar enough with all angles on this to make a meaningful comment. In general I agree with you of course. But there's the other castle and many times a significant interest turns to dust once all the details get fleshed out. Also I am no architect but to me it seems like an awful lot has to happen. I think even the question of uniqueness and ownership are open to discussion.

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  6. Dear Mr. David Baker,
    Does anyone know why the family will not sell? It will be sad and shameful to have such a place of beauty and great potential be destroyed. I live in Washington State, USA. We do not have anything beautifully historical here that I am aware of. I could only ever dream to see the Chateau Miranda in person. I think many would benefit more from the restoration of this place than the destruction of.

  7. Hi Urbexers!

    My partner and I finally got round to visiting this superb castle last week. We accessed the grounds from the road that leads to the other castle, le Château de Vêves. We had just spotted the turrets at the front when we hard a car behind us, so we leapt for cover under a big tree and narrowly avoided being spotted by the groundsman, who passed a few metres from us. We waited until he had done his brief round and then started our investigation. We went round the side before entering the castle from the rear. We heard some loud voices and were reassured to find that they belonged to other urbexers and not a patrol. We spent a good three hours in the castle, going up to all the floors and getting some rather spectacular views from the upper levels and the main tower. The place has a lot of charm and we will certainly return – in the hope that it will not be demolished in the coming months! We would be interested to hear of other people’s adventures at Château Miranda so do share your experiences here.

    Took loads of pics – check them out!

  8. Hi, .. Just looking through your pictures. It looks like it was beautiful in its prime. Theres still a ton of charm left in it. All it needs is someone with patiences and time to restore it and it would be beautiful again. Just wondering is the castle still there or did they demolish it ?? Did they finally put it up for sale???… I truly hope not they didn’t destroy it.

  9. We need to know more. I know the place has been ‘acquired’ by someone and as stated on Wikipedia is now ‘off limits’ Have to find out what has happened and what will happen to it in the future since it seems to be private. Shame, think it would make a fantastic museum.

  10. totally mesmerized by this magnificent castle. I can only imaging what it must of been like to live there. the kids that stayed there will never forget that experience I bet. If by some miracle it gets saved I will make a pledge to go see her. It will be a sad lose

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