Mac OS X Lion update for X-Rite i1Display2 & i1Display LT owners

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Mac OS X Lion update for X-Rite i1Display2 & i1Display LT owners

If you are in the same situation as me using Mac OSX Lion and hardware calibration tools like the X-Rite i1Display2 then you will have found yourself stuck since Lion removed Rosetta from its build and the X-Rite iProfiler depended on Rosetta to function on Mac OSX.

Well dont spend much time worrying that your hardware is heading to the dustbin – X-Rite have today confirmed a public beta of iProfiler for Mac OSX Lion.

This was the announcement email from X-Rite

Dear Valued i1Display customer,

X-Rite extends a sincere thank you for your continued patience as we prepare to deliver our Apple OS X Lion compatible i1Profiler D2LionEdition software for your use with either an i1Display LT or i1Display 2 device.

We have news to share to get you up and running on Lion with your X-Rite solution:

This software will now be available FREE of charge to ALL registered owners, not just to those that purchased in 2011. Please note that i1Profiler D2LionEdition is only compatible with Apple OSX 10.7.

We have been engaged in beta testing over the last several weeks and are confident we are well on our way to delivering a high quality software solution. During the beta test, however, our engineers uncovered some unforeseen issues that are affecting a very small population of our testers. We would like to take some additional time to fix these so we can deliver the professional solution you expect from X-Rite. But, we also understand that you are anxious to use your i1Display device with Lion. Therefore, we are providing a public beta version that you can download and immediately begin using with your i1Display LT or i1Display 2 device.

Download BETA Software

Update 1

The link is currently not working, here is the response from X-Rite

We’ve recently posted a link to the new version of i1Profiler that supports the i1Display2 on Lion. Unfortunately, it would appear that the demand for this download is temporarily taxing our servers.

We appreciate your patience in this matter, and ask you to try the download again at a later time.

Update 2

Thanks to Alistair Miller for the update, new download is available here


  1. This is a joke. They just sent this fake email out because they missed their September deadline. In fact, the hostname “” does not even resolve to an IP address. Pathetic, X-Rite.

    • If what they are saying is true and their server capacity is not sufficient for the demand then the server would not declare or respond to IP ping, should be able to trace the DNS though to make sure the domain name resolves to ‘something’ but do agree, to send this out with a bad link is not good service

  2. I downloaded that beta version, thanks, but i feel is lacking contrast, and and color casti or dont know if is the change to this new style of color, does anyone have a link on web to go and see, now I cant even trust the way I see my pictures.

    • Luis, run the calibration several times and use the trending function to see if there is much change between icc’s created – I’ve ran it three times with little to no movement in icc so feel comfortable that its correct (only way to test is to get colour charts then you will question your eyes lol)

      It is beta, there are a bunch of bugs but at least we have something to start working with.

      Brightness not working correctly on native white point is a pain on the 27inc iMac but its know bug so hopefully dev’s will sort it 🙂


  3. hi,
    I’ve used this software (i1ProfilerD2LionEdition) a few times. no problems so far. but my issue with it is: I have a Macbook Air connected to an Eizo EV2333W with a DisplayPort cable. so I can calibrate using my iDisplay 2 but I get no way to adjust R/G/B channels on the Eizo during the process. it’s frustrating since it was a better way to calibrate my display with iMatch. this new software seems to be very simple & lacking adjustments. is there a workaround to that?


  4. I receive the message i1 Display not found please connect your measurement instrument to your computer. The instrument has been plugged in to each of the 2 usb ports that I have on my machine (not a hub) I have restarted the machine once and the software additionally once.

    Still can’t get this to work. I am using the Lion version on a new macbook pro with OS10.7.2

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