No, thank you Google Play

No, thank you Google Play

Nexus 5 has been shipped, ahead of schedule

Notifications like these always go down well, especially when it means that the Nexus 5 is in the post. Looking forward to getting this in my hands. I love the Nexus 4 I currently own but the 5, well should be great!

1. Better Camera
This video just flirts with the idea that this Nexus device will have a better camera. The Nexus 4 is pretty poor so this is a very welcome upgrade

Google Nexus 5: I Do

2. Kitty Kat 4.4
Some nice revisions coming, better memory management etc but also better hangout integration

More major feature dress down

3. Bigger screen with minimal impact of factor
5inch vs. 4.75inch with only 3mm on the length and 0.7mm on the width. 0.25inch might not sound like much but it is in terms of user portal.

Also 1080p – whats not to like

4. Grown up design vs. Nexus 4
This is purely personal however I think the new design concept takes the great features from the N4 and matures them into a nice design.

5. Speed
Comes with top line hardware, how could I ever go back to Apple now?

6. Price
This is the best part, users are no longer subjected to high cost per unit smartphones, they can evolve on a cheap and unrestricted basis as Nexus evolves. The price point is killer, go Google!

7. Vanilla Android
This for me is a big plus. I have HTC One Google Edition, it does not feel right. The N4 is just plain cool. Tried many other ROM's, for me, vanilla is still king

8. Available at launch

+Al Ballantine – yours should be coming soon
+Alex Allen – when will you buy?

How well did Google do on the launch of this? Keeping up the anticipation without massive marketing hype, this excites me.

"A great product should need no marketing"

+Sundar Pichai Congrats to you and your team behind this. I have a large positive backstory with Apple, won't bore you but it raises the question, "what is Google doing thats so awesome that Apple fanboys (me) have moved over and fully immersed into the Google Ecosystem"

Days have never been better for consumer tech and Google continues to grow in a great direction for its consumers…

I suspect +Brian Matiash already has a good idea of its photographic capability.

Would anyone be interested in me putting the Nexus 5 through its paces when in photography locations?


  1. +Andrew Nash – will do. I was a total Apple fanboy by after moving to Android, I don't think I can go back at all. After playing with lots of different ROMs, personally, I think nothing comes close to vanilla. I'll put up some images / thoughts when it arrives.

  2. Me too, but I won't be able to pick it up for a while.

    Anyone get the impression maybe deliveries should be delivered at the times of day when people are at home?

    You know like Tesco would do? They charge £4 for a specific time slot and I just paid £9.99 postage to not receive my phone for days, requiring me to drive across town to get it!

  3. +Al Ballantine I hope you get it, I suspect you will have it before me and you have it well in time before your travels. We need to catch up also, talking with John re: you catching up in KL. I have something to give you to give him. Also have excessive amount of L8 stuff for you 😉

  4. lol +David Baker well it's not as pretty as my HTC One S, being made of rubbery plastic compared to fancy "Micro Arc Oxidised" aluminium. The screen is way bigger though, the phone itself being only a fraction bigger – so that's just awesome. Yet to switch it on though – i'm busy and it's charging away next to me.

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