The History of Mundesley Hospital (Tuberculosis Sanatorium) (UK)

Mundesley sanatorium was built in pre-fabricated sections made of timber, by Boulton and Paul ltd. It was the first large centre in England that had been built specifically for open-air treatment of the disease. However, due to its status as a private hospital, Mundesley could only offer treatment to wealthy patients. Mundesley had a post and telegraph office, and is was terminus of the Great Eastern, and Midland and Great Northern Railways, so that it was easily accessible from London, the Midlands, and the North.

The History of St. Andrews Asylum (Norfolk Lunatic Asylum Annexe) (UK)

St. Andrews Asylum is also known as the Norfolk Lunatic Asylum Annexe. Its a vast complex arrangement of traditional H shaped buildings all linked with a straight trunk corridor. Its rumoured that St. Andrews is only one of two original asylums that has a curved corridor. The main Norfolk County Asylum has been refurbished into luxury housing. Background Since the move of the Norfolk Primary Care Trust, St. Andrews has been for sale for either conversion into offices or flats. The length of time that St. Andrews has been left shows. Inside, there is moderate damage to roofing and flooring, its looks …